Hello from Las Vegas and VMWorld! I'd love to tell you more about all that is happening here but, you know what they say, right?


Anyway, here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


4 Reasons to Run Your Own Email Server

No, nope, never, and not going to happen. Running your own email server is not a smart idea.


Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell and Microsoft won't fix it until next week

So, Powershell runs on Linux, but it can't run on Windows 10. Good to know.


This is Parenthood

Seems about right.


The self-driving car is old enough to drink and drive

Interesting article on the evolution of automobile autonomy. I had no idea that we were dong research on this 60 years ago.


Pokémon Go loses its luster, sheds more than 10 million users

Oh noes! Has the bubble burst already for this? But I'm only on level 6!


If you don't pay attention, data can drive you off a cliff

There is a dearth of people in the workforce that can analyze data properly. This article helps point out a handful of ways people make mistakes every day.


Google Explains What Went Wrong to Cause PaaS Outage

Remember kids, even the Cloud can go down. Don't listen to anyone that tries to tell you different, or dismisses outages as "small events".


My new shoes arrived in time for VMWorld: