Whether providing support to end-users or fellow employees, there are countless benefits to leveraging an IT Help Desk solution. From ticketing and service management, to IT asset management and more, these solutions have a lot to offer in the way of optimizing the efficiency of the support function of a business.


IT help desk admins are busy people. They are constantly juggling service requests and trouble tickets, either bouncing from workstation to workstation to provide hands-on support, or offering assistance via phone or web.


Though help desk solutions offer the advantage of tracking and managing all aspects involved in battling support issues, sometimes there’s nothing like a face-to-face, rather a screen-to-screen visit to improve this interaction.


In this blog, I’ll detail five benefits of the combined use of an IT help desk solution and remote support tools, a power punch combo that is sure to have an impact on the delivery of IT support.

  1. Simplifying IT Service Management (ITSM) – By integrating remote support tools into a help desk solution, help desk technicians can manage ticketing automation and SLAs, and seamlessly interact with end-users to resolve their issues. Establishing remote connections to the end-user’s desktop directly from within help desk tickets and chat windows provides a gateway to greater transparency. It also eliminates the need to visit users personally, simplifying the ITSM process from end-to-end.

  2. Increasing operational efficiency – As mentioned above, help desk solutions remove the need for manually managing tickets, creating performance reports, assigning tickets to technicians, etc. Using such a tool allows IT support pros to focus on the task at hand: remediating support issues. By integrating remote support capabilities, this enhances their performance, providing direct access to problematic end-user machines and IT systems, enabling them to diagnose performance problems and troubleshoot immediately from anywhere.
  3. Automating IT support – An ideal help desk system automates IT support operations, including ticketing management, IT asset discovery and management, escalations, change/approval management, and more. The addition of remote support capabilities helps to streamline IT support from ticket creation to resolution, all within a single console.
  4. Lowering time to resolution – Enabling remote support tools within a help desk solution gives IT help desk admins the ability to explore problems right from the source, rather than shuffling through screen shots or spending time deciphering written or verbal details, which are often provided by the technical layman. This empowers them to accelerate the resolution process.
  5. Improving customer satisfaction – IT issues can bog down business, causing trouble for the end-users and the company as a whole. Having these tools at their disposal allows help desk technicians to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, so end-users and fellow employees can get back to business. When coupled with the ability to track and measure the performance of help desk technicians, this strengthens a company’s ability to provide excellent support. And this, in turn, translates to greater customer satisfaction over time.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of incorporating remote support capabilities into your help desk solution? Watch this quick two-minute video to discover the value

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