Heading to Vegas on Sunday for VMWorld next week. I've got one session, a panel discussion, and I will also be hosting a Meet the Experts session. Oh, and I've also got an Experts and Espresso session as well as an in-booth session. So, yeah, it's a fairly busy week for me. That being said, if you are heading to VMWorld please stop by and say hello, I'd love the opportunity to connect with you while we are there. 


Anyway, here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


Microsoft open sources PowerShell; brings it to Linux and Mac OS X

In related news, Hell has frozen over. From what I can tell, Hell must be full of Linux admins because those are the folks complaining the most about this announcement.


Usain Bolt and the Fastest Men in the World Since 1896 – on the Same Track

Because I love it when someone takes data and presents it in unique ways such as this post.


All the National Food Days

Did you know there are 214 "food" days during the year? Well, now you do. And don't forget September 5th is fast approaching this year!


"Daddy is Working" Light

I would get this except my kids would know on the door to ask me if I forgot to turn it of because they needed something anyway.


All Public Cloud roads lead to Hybrid Infrastructure

Some very interesting thoughts in this article. To me, the idea that a developer spins up a prototype in AWS isn't surprising, as I liken that to the enabling of Shadow IT. What surprises me is how most don't discuss the security and privacy concerns of developers taking such action. That's probably because if you do raise such questions you end up being labeled a "roadblock" to progress. 


Pentagon Has a New Data Center Consolidation Plan

If your company isn't yet in the Hybrid IT world then I just want you to know that the US Government...an entity that moves slower than molasses in January...is already there.


65 Business Jargon Phrases to Stop Using and What Do Use Instead

This isn't even a comprehensive list, But if I were allowed an ask it would be that we don't punch a puppy with creating our own list.


Remember when Apple stores sold software? Well, this was the only software I could find the other day at my local Apple store (sorry, it's just Apple now). If Steve Jobs weren't already dead, this would have killed him for certain: