I'm in Austin this week to film more SolarWinds Lab episodes and conduct general mischief. Lucky for me Delta had a MUCH better Monday this week than last week.


Anyway, here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea

If you have ever wanted to run Linux on your Surface, now is your chance! I'm look at you adatole.


Millions of Cars Vulnerable to Remote Unlocking Hack

This is why I drive an 2008 Jeep. It's like the Battlestar Galactica: too old to be hacked by new technology.


Scammers sneak into customer support conversations on Twitter

I've noticed a handful of fake support accounts popping up lately, so this is a good reminder to be careful out there.


Best Fighter Jet In History Grounded By Bees

No, seriously. And I dig the part where they decided not to just kill the bees, but to relocate them. Nice touch.


Walmart and the Multichannel Trap

Wonderful analysis of where Walmart is headed, and why Amazon is likely to run all retail in the future. After living through what Walmart did to Vlasic 20 years ago, this seems fitting to me.


Networking Needs Information, Not Data

Nice post that echos what I've been saying to data professionals for a few years now. There is a dearth of data analysts in the world right now. You could learn enough about data analytics in a weekend that will impact your career for the next 20 years, but only if you get started.


Even Michael Phelps knows it's football season, right kong.yang ?