I'm back from the SQL Saturday Baton Rouge event. I've been doing SQL Saturday events for over six years now, and I still enjoy them as if it were my first time. It takes a special kind of geek to be willing to give up a weekend day for extra learning but those of us in the SQL community know the value these events have. The ability to mingle with a few hundred similar minded folks all looking to connect, share, and learn is worth every minute, even on a weekend.


Anyway, here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


Frequent Password Changes Is a Bad Security Idea

I never thought about passwords in this way, but now that I have I can't help but think how much better we will be when the machines take over and everything is a retina scan.


The Mechanics of Sprinting: Play a minigame to test your reaction time

Olympic sprinters average just under 200 milliseconds reaction time. Time to see how you rate. There are tests for rowing, long jump, with others coming soon and I can't stop trying to set a new personal best and neither will you.


Facebook Wants To Clean Up The Clickbait

And they are going to do it using this one weird trick.


Apple is launching an invite-only bug bounty program

Nice to see Apple finally taking security seriously. But, true to form, even this program is being done with a touch of exclusivity, as opposed to other programs that have been in existence for years.


Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees

Because I love it when people can tell a story with data visualizations, here's one that I think everyone will find interesting.


Delta’s Tech Meltdown Causes Hundreds of Flight Delays, Cancellations

I fly Delta frequently, so the outage they experienced hit home for me not just because I'm a customer but because I'm a data professional that knows how hardware can fail when there is a power outage, or power surge. This is also a good lesson in BCP planning, as well as a reminder that HA != DR.


This candle is only available in stores you've never heard about:


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