The Rio Olympics start this week which means one thing: Around the clock reports on the Zika virus. If we don't get at least one camera shot of an athlete freaking out after a mosquito bite then I'm going to consider this event a complete disaster.


Here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


#nbcfail hashtag on Twitter

Because I enjoy reading about the awful broadcast coverage from NBC and I think you should, too. 


Apple taps BlackBerry talent for self-driving software project, report says

Since they did so good at BlackBerry, this bodes well for Apple.


Parenting In The Digital Age

With my children hitting their teenage years, this is the stuff that scares me the most.


Microsoft's Windows NT 4.0 launched 20 years ago this week

Happy Birthday! Where were you when NT 4.0 launched in 1996? I'm guessing some of you unlucky ones were on support that night. Sorry.


Larry Ellison Accepts the Dare: Oracle Will Purchase NetSuite

First Larry says that the cloud isn't a thing. Then he says he invented the cloud. And now he overspends for NetSuite. With that kind of background he could run for President. Seriously though, this purchase shows just how far behind Oracle is with the cloud.


This Guy Hates Traffic... So He's Building a Flying Car

Flying cars! I've been promised this for years! Forget the Tesla, I will line up to buy one of these.


ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Last weekend I found all 4 IKEA references made in the Deadpool movie! What, you didn't know this was a game?

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