I'm back from the family London vacation and ready to get to work. I was unplugged for much of last week, focusing on the world around me. What I found was a LOT of healthy discussions about #Brexit, David Cameron leaving, and if you can eat a Scotch egg cold (HINT: You can, but you shouldn't, no matter what the clerk at Harrod's tells you.)


With almost 2,000 unread items in my RSS feeder I had lots of material to root through looking for some links to share with you this week. Here are the ones I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


PokemonGO and Star Trek TNG's 'The Game'

Happy to see I wasn't the only one who made this connection, but what I'd like next is for someone to make an augmented reality game for finding bottlenecks in the data center.


Security Is from Mars, Application Delivery Is from Venus

I liked the spin this article took on the original book theme. Looking forward to the follow-up post where the author applies the business concepts of cost, benefits, and risk to their marriage.


Microsoft Wins Landmark Email Privacy Case

Reversing a decision from 2014 where the US government thought it was OK to get at data stored outside our borders, this ruling is more in line with current technology advances and, let's be honest, common sense.


How boobytrapped printers have been able to infect Windows PCs for over 20 years

I seem to recall this being a known issue for some time now, so I was shocked to see that the patch was only just released.


6 Workplace Rules that Drive Everyone Crazy

"Underwear must be worn at all times." Good to know, I guess, but is this really a problem for an office somewhere?


Microsoft Apologizes for Inviting "Bae" Interns to Night of "Getting Lit" in Lame Letter

Another public misstep for Microsoft with regards to social values. This letter is more than just poorly worded, it underlines what must be considered acceptable behavior for Microsoft employees.


High traffic hits the operations team

The Olympics are just around the corner!


Wonderful view for King Charles I last week, looking from Trafalgar Square down to Big Ben glowing from the setting sun:

IGNR9895 copy.jpg