Still in London, and enjoying every minute of time well spent with family. Even on vacation I still find time to read the headlines.


So, here is this week's list of things I find amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


Savvy Hackers Don't Need Malware

Interesting article on how companies will be incorporating analytics into their security measures which makes me wonder "wait, why weren't you already doing this?"


A.I. Downs Expert Human Fighter Pilot In Dogfight Simulation

Forget self driving cars, we are about to have self flying fighter pilots. I'm certain this won't lead to the end of humanity.


Security insanity: how we keep failing at the basics

Wonderful article by Troy here, showing more examples of basic security failures from some large companies and websites.


The U.S. MiseryMap of Flight Delays

Valuable data for anyone that travels, ever.


Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

It is surprisingly low, IMO. I'd like to see some data on how much capacity and throughput these data centers are providing over time as well.


CRM and Brexit: teachable moment

I enjoyed how the author broke down #Brexit and related it to software. We've all seen both sides of this equation.


Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Up-To-Date?

I've always found summertime as a good time to review your DR plans, and this article is a nice reminder.


Why yes, Lego Daughter loves Harry Potter, why do you ask?