I have watched Deadpool about a dozen times now, mostly on airplanes as I travel to various places around the world and Canada. Most of these viewings have been for research purposes. That's right, I *had* to watch Deadpool again and again in order to write this post. You're welcome.


Anyway, I didn't need to see it that many times to know that the writers of Deadpool MUST have had a SysAdmin in mind when they started writing. Don't believe me? Well, let's break it down a bit.


Deadpool is a love story - Much like our careers, we love what we do. Otherwise, we wouldn't be doing it.

Language, please - There is profanity throughout the movie, much like any ordinary day as a SysAdmin.

It's OK to ask for help - There are times when you need to swallow your pride and head over to another cubicle and ask for help.

Sometimes you need to wear your brown pants - Because when it happens, you'll know.

Timelines are confusing - Anyone that has had to answer the question "what happened last night?", or "what changed?" knows this to be true.

Maximum effort - Always needed, and always given.

Ease up on the bedazzling - Simple solutions often work best. There is no need to recreate the wheel, or to rewrite your scripts when a new language hits.

Pizza improves any situation - Having lunch with coworkers, especially those from other teams, is a great way to break through silos.

You can erase stuff written in pencil - When you think you've done something great and won a prize that turns out to be not so great.

Life is an endless series of train wrecks - And DR exercises, planned and unplanned.

'Make it Big' is the album where they earned the exclamation point - Sometimes new releases of software, like SQL 2016, get us excited.

You sound like an infomercial - When vendors email you blindly to sell you solutions you don't need.

We need to subject you to extreme stress - Yeah, much like every day of your SysAdmin life.

Enjoy your weekend - That feeling when you are on call by yourself for the first time.

Your year long plan ends with the wrong guy getting dismembered - When everything goes wrong and you end up in worse shape then when you started.

IKEA doesn't assemble itself - Neither does the network, or an ETL process. It's a team effort.

Time to make the chimichangas - When there is work to be done, and you know it won't be easy.

Writing notes to others - When you leave comments in your code. These are notes to Future You.

I'm totally on top of this - When you are not on top of anything and everything around you is falling apart.

Four or five moments - What it takes to be a hero.

Don't drone on - People will stop listening, or stop reading posts like this one.