Happy Father's Day! Okay, that was last Sunday, but I wanted to mention it, anyway. I hope everyone enjoyed the day. And it gives me a chance to remind you about this video our team made.


Anyway, here is this week's list of things I find amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!


Courageous robot escapes oppressors, runs out of battery in the middle of the road

Yep. Not long before they take up arms against humanity. The singularity is fast approaching.


Student hacks Pentagon websites and gets thanked

I saw a movie about this years ago, the boy was rewarded with a trip to NORAD and got a chance to meet Dabney Coleman.


Bots -- Harmful Or Helpful?

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the article will suggest the answer is both.


Most Cyberattacks Are An Inside Job

Yes, and mostly through social engineering, an issue that doesn't get nearly enough focus.


Google Co-founder Larry Page Behind Two Flying Car Startups

It's 2016 and I still don't have the flying car I was promised, but it looks like that day is getting closer.


NFL Running Back, Darren McFadden, Sues Former Business Manager After Bitcoin Investment

Wow, this guy is going to ruin the reputation of the real Michael Vick.


The tongue-in-cheek way the women of Google are responding to a shareholder’s sexist comment



I didn't get a tie for Father's Day, instead my family got me a brand new DBA shirt.