On Thursday, we had our first Atlanta #SWUG (SolarWinds User Group).

THWACKsters from the greater Atlanta area and as far as New Jersey (shout out to sherndon1!) came together to celebrate THWACK’s 13th birthday & to unite in our love of SolarWinds.




We did things a little differently this time by starting with a live announcement broadcasted to the THWACK homepage and our SolarWinds Facebook page.

In case you missed it, the live announcement & our gift to you is:

1) #THWACKcamp is coming back (September 14th & 15th)!

2) Registration is now open>> THWACKcamp 2016

3) If you register during the month of June you will be entered to win a trip to come to Austin for the live event for you + 1! (USA, CAN, UK & Germany are eligible)


Here’s a brief recap of the presentations & resources from the SWUG:


MC for this SWUG: patrick.hubbard, SolarWinds Head Geek


'NetPath™: How it works'

cobrien, Sr. Product Manager (Networks)

Slides: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/swug/Atlanta/How+NetPath+Works.pptx


Chris O’Brien gave an overview and live demonstration of NetPath (a feature in the latest release of NPM 12). See it in action:



'Systems Product Roadmap Discussion + Q&A'

stevenwhunt, Sr. Product Manager (Systems)


What we’re working on for Systems products:


'Customer Spotlight: Custom Alerts for your Environment'

njoylif, SolarWinds MVP

Slides: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/swug/Atlanta/RH_SWUG.pptx


Larry did an excellent job of talking about all the ways you can leverage custom properties in your environment.

He also connected the dots and demonstrated how alerting and custom properties go hand in hand.


larry rice.PNG


'SolarWinds Best Practices & Thinking Outside of the Box'

Dez, Technical Product Manager

KMSigma, Product Manager


Reach out to Dez or KMSigma for additional questions on the topics discussed:

  1. SAM as UnDP and TCP port monitoring

•OIDs, and MIBs, and SNMP – Oh, my.

  1. NCM approval process with RTN for security needs

•Manager & Multistage Approval, Real-time Notification, and Compliance

  1. Alerting best practices

•Leveraging Custom properties to reduce Alert Noise

  1. NetFlow Alerting with WPM

•Using WPM for Alerts that are currently not within for NTA

  1. Optimizing your SolarWinds Installation

•Building Orion Servers based on Role

  1. Upgrade Advisor

•Upgrade Paths Simplified


'Customer Spotlight: HTML is Your Friend: Leveraging HTML in Alert Notifications'

bsciencefiction.tv, SolarWinds MVP


adamlboyd (Not in attendance, but may be able to help with any follow up questions)

Slides: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/swug/Atlanta/SWUG_Presentation_HTML.pptx


Kevin & Michael did a great job of showing us how they are using HTML to customize their alerts.

Specifically, they showed us how they were able to customize their email alerts which solved for:

  • Teams paying attention to their alerts
  • Easy to digest
  • Easy to recognize issues
  • HTML 5 is responsive on Mobile so their alerts look good on different devices.



SolarWinds User Experience "Dear New Orion User..."

meech, User Experience



Thank you to everyone who attended the event! We enjoyed meeting and talking with each of you.

We hope you’ll keep the conversation going on this post and on THWACK.


And last (but not least), thank you to our sponsor and professional services partner, Loop1Systems (BillFitz_Loop1) for hosting the happy hour!

Additional information on Loop1Systems: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/swug/Atlanta/Loop1_SWUG.pptx


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