Summer is here! Well, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere at least. The unofficial start of summer for many of us here is the last weekend in May. For me, the official start to summer is when I first place my feet into the ocean surf after the last weekend in May. And since that happened this past weekend, I declare summer open for business.


Anyway, here is this week's list of things I find amusing from around the Internet...


How every #GameOfThrones episode has been discussed on Twitter

Because apparently this is a show worth watching, I guess, but I haven't started yet. It's about a throne or something?


Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest password was 'dadada'

Makes sense, since Zuckerberg doesn't care much about our privacy and security, that he probably didn't care too much about his own.


It's Time To Rethink The Password. Yes, Again

Yes, it's worth reminding all of you about data security again, because it seems that the message isn't getting through, yet.


Edward Snowden: Three years on

Since I'm already on the security topic, here's the obligatory mention of Snowden.


NFL Players' Medical Information Stolen

And a nice reminder that this is the league that cannot figure out how to accurately measure the air pressure in footballs, so don't be surprised they don't know how to encrypt laptops.


Where people go to and from work

Wonderful visualization of where people commute to and from work around the USA.


Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

In case you haven't seen this yet, and since Summer is here, a nice reminder of how we could be using technology to raise our quality of life.


Here's to the start of Summer, a sunset at Watch Hill last weekend: