The DevOps Days - Washington, DC event is right around the corner and it turns out I happen to be sitting on 3 tickets. You know what that means!


As I did for the Columbus DevOps Days, I'm going to be giving these babies away 100% free to the first people who post a selfie.


A selfie that is worthy of it's own $55,000 kickstarter. A selfie that shows your creativity, humor, patriotism, and flair.


That's right, I want a



Now I'm not here to tell you what that means. (heck, I just made up that sentence 10 seconds ago). Heck, even if you don't celebrate Memorial day (looking at you, jbiggley), but you can get your Geeky cheeks down to DC next week, those tickets could be yours.


All I'm saying is that if you are able to attend the DevOps Days event in DC on June 8 & 9, and you post a selfie in the comments below, then one of those golden tickets is yours yours YOURS!!


So, have a safe, responsible, geeky, fun, relaxing, non-stressful Memorial Day (or as you call it in other countries, "Monday") and start selfie-ing!