This week's edition comes to you on the day of my 19th wedding anniversary, which apparently is the Bronze anniversary, so I'm going to arrange for my wife and I to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame and look at the various bronzed pair of sneakers therein. OK, I'm kidding. We are actually going to spend our anniversary at the middle school band concert which is as romantic as it sounds.


Anyway, here is this week's list of things I find amusing from around the internet...


Google Patented a Sticky Car Hood That Traps Pedestrians Like Flies

Seriously. Human flypaper. Every car will be tinted yellow during pollen season. The future is dumb.


For Microsoft, Its Achilles’ Heel Is Excel

Excel is the dirty secret that powers millions of business worldwide every day. Achilles heel? Sure. But Microsoft keeps pushing it forward with things like PowerBI. Face it, Excel runs the world, and Microsoft runs Excel. Neither are going away anytime soon. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing Excel on Linux just to see the look on adatole's face.


Ditch the data dump

At first I thought they were talking about backups, but the article is about analytics and how your business end-users need data, lots of data, fast and accurate data, more than ever before. This is a trend that is not going away, and if you ignore your business end users need for data analytic tools you will find yourself with a growing Shadow IT problem. Shows You How Much Your ISP is Screwing You

I think I'd like this site better if it wasn't backed by Netflix, who has an axe (or two) to grind with ISPs. If only there was a tool that would help you get similar details...


D.C.’s Metro Catches Fire More Than Four Times A Week

That's a bad thing, right? I have to admit I am a bit surprised this article didn't end with a #ThanksObama.


The Changing American Diet

Nice visualization of how Americans have changed their diets over the past 30+ years. Sadly, bacon isn't at the top of the list.


The Electric Car Revolution Is Finally Starting

I'm filing this under "But this time we REALLY mean it!"


Spring is finally here, which means we can get started on training the next generation of systems administrators: