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Things I find amusing from around the Internet...


Star Wars: A Bad Lip Reading

In case you haven't seen this yet, I figured this was a good way to celebrate May the Fourth. Also? I want a wooden snowman.


Nearly All of Your ATMs are Insecure

Not sure what I find more amusing here, the fact that 'ATM not secure' is seen as something new or the fact that it's a Russian firm cited in the report.


Automating Change With Help From Fibonacci

As a math geek and IT pro, this article is full of so much win that I want to place it inside a Golden Rectangle and place it on top of a Klein Bottle.


Scientists Have Figured Out How To Put Electronics Inside Your Body

"We've always dreamed of infusing our bodies with technology". Um, no, we haven't. And as if building robots wasn't enough, now we have this to help usher in the singularity. (Darth Vader)


The advent of the citizen developer

Otherwise known as "shadow IT", and not something new. End users will turn to whatever tools they can find in an effort to do their jobs better than the day before.


FBI Says It Won't Disclose How It Accessed Locked iPhone

Because they don't know what they did, kinda like how I can never explain to my mother what I did to her computer to get her email working again.


Digital Genies

How can we ensure safety for humans when the robots rise up? Fascinating post here about how AI could go horribly wrong if it *thinks* it has the right data, but doesn't.