Things I find amusing from around the Internet…


2015’s MVPs – The Most Vulnerable Players

For all the Microsoft® haters out there who believe Windows® is insecure when compared to other platforms, here is some data to help you get a feel for the truth: everything is broken.


The Costs of Running SQL Server on Linux

Yes, SQL Server® costs a bit of money, but with the move to Linux®, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the costs come down in favor of a subscription-based model. 


No Cybersecurity Training Required at Top U.S. Universities

Well, that might explain why there seems to be a lack of such experience among members of Congress, too. 


Titanic Sinking in Real-Time

For me, the best part of this video was the absence of Celine Dion songs.


Boaty McBoatface and the False Premise of Democracy

This is why we can't have nice things. Also, this is a great reminder at why crowdsourcing is often a horrible idea. None of us is as dumb as all of us.


Bigger Underwater Data Center in the Works

The future of the data center could mean lots of extra time spent on a beach for many of us. I like where this is headed.


How Much Would Darth Vader's Suit Cost?

Pretty sure the cost of the suit was covered through UnitedEmpire HMO premiums, but interesting to note the costs. I bet Elon Musk could build this for 1/10 the cost.


RDBMS Genealogy

For those of us who like to remember the good old days.