This marks my first year attending OpenStack Summit. I am as giddy as I was when World of Warcraft first came out and everyone was racing to level 60. My hope is to learn and power level myself during my time at OpenStack. I will be leveraging my industry friends and the OpenStack community to fast track my working knowledge.




OpenStack Summit is first come, first serve for most of the sessions, and RSVP for working/hands-on training sessions. It puts the onus on you to prepare, prioritize, and decide. And, in some cases, it's a decision between SMEs, who are presenting AWESOMESAUCE material in separate sessions at the same time. All that really means is that I'll have to hustle to engage with all the SMEs in the areas that interest me, such as containers, automation and orchestration, microservices, etc. Nothing like getting the 411 directly from the source.


Next Friday I'll blog about my observations and takeaways from OpenStack Summit and offer some tips on using and contributing to the OpenStack Community. If you're attending as well, let's try to meet up. It's a small IT world, after all.


What OpenStack projects are you currently working with or thinking about incorporating into your existing environment? Which ones excite you and why? Please comment below.