Things I find amusing from around the Internet…


DARPA Challenge Targets The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Forget about IPv4 running out, where will we get more EM spectrum? Sounds a bit ominous from the title, but read through and then think about how DARPA will be using machine learning to find a way to reduce bandwidth bottlenecks.


Introducing Application Insights Analytics

Ignoring their horrible choice of pie charts the fact is this system “ingests over 1 trillion events and 600TB a day”. That’s impressive, I don’t care who you are. And it’s interesting to note the steps Microsoft® is taking in the field of application analytics.


Startup Uses Mathematical Verification For Network Security

This takes software-defined networking to a whole new level. I think it’s a great step forward for network security, but it still won’t prevent an employee from falling victim to a phishing scam, or social engineering in general. Data just has a way of escaping, no matter what.


U.S. Textile Industry Turns to Tech as Gateway to Revival

How soon before we can change the color of our clothes to match our mood? And then, how long before someone hacks my shirt?


Data USA makes government data easier to explore

Because if there is one thing our government specializes in, it's making things easy to understand. But hey, if you are looking for data sets to get started with exploring some analytics tools, this is a good place to go shopping.


The 8-Bit Game That Makes Statistics Addictive

As if I needed more reasons to get excited about statistics. Whut? Am I the only one enjoying this game? OK then.


Should I be upset that the NYT credulously reviewed a book promoting iffy science?

Yes, yes you should. We *all* should be upset. Unfortunately, this is the world in which we live, when NYT articles put opinion on display and don't back it up with facts. Then again, if we wanted the facts we'd never allow someone like Dr. Oz to be so popular.


I never worry about database design

And neither should you.