The Quartermaster round had a landslide victory on one side & a match-up that was almost too close to call on the other.


Han Solo continued his winning streak despite his mixed popularity after causing two huge upsets in rounds 2 & 3 (sorry Trekkies).

Captain Crunch didn’t go quietly though, he still managed to steal over 10% of the vote.

However, Crunch can’t take all the credit, most of his votes were probably from upset Picard & Kirk fans as evidenced by shuth’s comment: “I rebelled and voted for Crunch after the Picard vs Solo debacle!


Captain America has quietly moved his way through each round & manages to take out Captain Jack Sparrow as he heads into the finals.

cahunt would like to remind you to “Vote Captain America and make Thwack Great Again!!!!!


Did anyone predict this final match-up from the beginning?


It’s Han Solo vs Captain America battling it out in the final round!


O Captain! My Captain! The battle’s nearly done,

As our 4th bracket battle comes to a close, we hope you at least had fun.

Whether your captain carries a blaster pistol or shield,

It’s up to you to decide who you would follow into the battlefield.

Crown the ultimate captain we will—vote you must,

Don’t be late, the polls close April 10th at dusk.


Access the bracket and help us crown the ultimate captain HERE>>