The Gunner round was full of surprises for the Elite 8.

Once again thwacksters were torn between Star Trek & Star Wars and once again, Star Wars prevailed!

Han Solo beat out Captain Picard  60/40 in a very heated match up.


Team Picard:

  • As much as I love Star Wars, if I had to choose which of these two Captains to serve under, it would have to be Jean-Luc.silverbacksays


Team Han Solo:

  • “Han Solo is a bad mama jama! It took a Sith lord to take him down, and he even had to drop his guard on purpose!vbetts


Which team are you? Are you rooting for or against the captain of the Millennium Falcon?


Round 3 Shutout:


There really weren’t any other nail-bitters this round, so we’ll go straight to the award for the biggest shutout of round 3.


Jack Sparrow vs Davy Jones: Jack sparrow wins this round with nearly 90% of the vote! I guess there was something to that mysterious jar of dirt…

silverbacksays called this one way before the polls closed: “It's got to be Cap'n Jack for this match up I think! After all, he did steal Jones' heart!


To see who else is advancing on in the next round, check out the updated bracket & start voting for the Quartermaster round!

We need your help & input as we get one step closer to crowning the ultimate captain!


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