The Sailor round was full of tough match-ups & huge upsets!

Trekkies on thwack set their phasers to stunned when Han Solo beat out the beloved Captain Kirk.

This was easily one of the most contested match-ups this round.


Comments from Captain Kirk Supporters:

  • “This seems unfair. Han Solo is known more as a pilot and smuggler. Not as a captain. His crew consisted of a poorly maintained shag carpet. Yet Han Solo is winning, too bad really.” ddiemert
  • “This may be symptom of too many younger people that didn't watch the original Star Trek... Kirk is "the" man period.  Han Solo was neat character but Kirk saved everyone multiple times over.” ecklerwr1
  • “Captain Kirk: 7 movies. Han Solo: 4 movies. 7 > 4. 'Nuff said” ironman84
  • “Capt. Kirk is the original bada$$ space-age captain in TV and movies. Han was a supporting player in a larger story. Look at the big picture people!” tinmann0715


What was interesting in this match-up was that there were several heartfelt and logical defenses for Captain Kirk and virtually no defense for Han Solo, and yet Han still prevailed.

The odds of Han Solo winning this match up were approximately 3,720 to 1, but then again Han would retort with “Never tell me the odds”.


Round 2 Shutouts & nail-bitters:

  • Turanga Leela vs Underpants- Captain Underpants got his pants kicked in this match up & Captain Turanga Leela won by the largest margin in this round!
  • America vs Marvel- Captain America secures an easy win over Ms Marvel. Once again, tinmann0715 said what we were all thinking: “One of the most popular comic book super heroes of all time against a lesser-known comic book super hero in the same genre? It's a bloodbath.”


  • Crunch vs Caveman- This was the only true nail-bitter in this round & Cap’n Crunch was able to crunchatize his way to a narrow victory.


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