I'm really excited to be heading out to Columbus, Ohio for DevOps Days on November 18 and 19. In fact, SolarWinds is proud to be a gold sponsor of the event this year. Which means we have a few spare tickets for the event.


SO... if you want to come hang out for a couple of days with the coolest DevOps people in the MidWest, all you need is a selfie!


Post a picture of you using your favorite SolarWinds tool down in the comments to this message (not in a new thread, not on some other conversation. here in this message). The first 3 responses win themselves a ticket.


Remember, this is YOU using YOUR COPY of a SolarWinds tool. You aren't going to win by pulling up the demo site or with fancy Photoshop hacks. (I won't be fooled, but I will DEFINITELY be amused).


Good luck, and remember: pics or it never happened!