If a bunch of SysAdmins all went out for a beer (or two) after work, there is a 99% chance they would swap user stories from their “hall-of-shame” collections. It’s hard to believe this day in age that they still receive the deer in the headlights look when they ask a user, “what version of Windows do you have?” At the end of the day, we’re all human and make mistakes or ask dumb questions (gallery of them here), and some might even call it job security for IT pros.


I personally enjoy hearing a SysAdmin’s worst moments, flops, and face palms in their career because there’s nothing like learning through failure. In honor of SysAdmin Day, I’m sharing 5 Deadly SysAdmin Sins some of us might be guilty of and hopefully you got away with it – some of us aren’t always so lucky! Feel free to add on.


5 SysAdmin Sins

1) Thinking the problem will just go away

2) Blaming the blue screen of death before it becomes a real issue

3) Rebooting the firewall during business hours

4) Upsetting the president/ceo's secretary (they wield a big stick)

5) When all else fails, blame the network (as long as you're not the network guy too)