Every time an organization decides to adopt a new technology or expands its business operations, the IT network is the department where the process beginschanges and additions to the existing network to accommodate new technologies and users. But making changes to the existing IT infrastructure is one thing most network admins think twice about. Even a small configuration error can lead to network downtime, a security breach, or data loss which in turn may even cause the organization to vanish from the business map.


GNS3 is the solution to a network admin’s reluctance for experimenting with the production network. With GNS3, a network admin can emulate their actual network to try out configuration changes they otherwise would have had to perform on the production network. The benefits don’t end therean admin can design, build, and test complex networks using GNS3 before even spending capex to procure actual physical hardware.


Now, networks don’t run forever once configured. A network monitoring solution is critical to maintain network uptime and ensure business continuity. And because monitoring is such a critical component, the best possible tool has to be chosen for the task.  If you are a network admin who does not like to run trial software in the production network, you should check out GNS3 and their community, the Jungle. And to work with it, there is now enterprise-class monitoring from SolarWinds. Network monitoring products from SolarWinds, including SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor can be installed on any virtual network created using GNS3 and used to monitor it. Welcome to virtual reality! 


GNS3 is a strategic SolarWinds partner and to help you get to know them better, we bring you the newly created GNS3 group in Thwack! Log into thwack, register for ThwackCamp and join the GNS3 group so you’re in the know!