As SolarWinds’ Head Geek, and a somewhat self-respecting IT professional, I try to retain at least some decorum when I post to Geek Speak. But this year I’m bursting at the seams with anticipation for what we have in store for you in this year’s thwackCamp! (Hyperbolic much?)


You, the thwack community, have really embraced thwackCamp- most recently our thwackCamp Holiday thwackTacular 2014 and attendance has substantially grown again.  As a result this year we’re offering two tracks, a real Keynote featuring Nikki and Joel, as well as an DevOps Experts Panel with Caroline McCrory, Dave McCrory, Michael Coté and Matthew Ray.


Between those we’ll have several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding both SolarWinds products and IT management in general.  Again this year all topics are coming from you, the amazing IT professional members of thwack.  We think you’ll really like them.


Of course all the thwack camp favorites are back again this year, including lots of giveaways, multiple live chat lobbies with our presenters, and the Head Geeks. I’ll even be doing live member shout-outs and taking some tricky questions on-air.


Let’s do this


First, make sure you have a thwack account!  The Keynote and Experts Panel will be open to all, but the track sessions will only be open to members of the thwack community.


Next, head over to the thwackCamp event page and check out the schedule.  It’s at  See?  It has its own URL now- we’re not messing around this year. (Ok, truthfully you can browse the event catalog even without a login, so technically you can defer step one until you’re ready.)  You may also register for the individual sessions by clicking on them to view their details.  That will make it easy to manage your schedule in the thwack calendar.


Last, be social.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for tweets with the #thwackCamp hashtag, and we’ll retweet great ones.  Or in my case really geeky ones.  Seriously, I just tweeted a pic from Cisco Live of the 7004 core routers in the Cisco NOC with the caption “A little Nexus never hurt anybody”. Get it? It’s the smallest N7000 chassis? Ugh.  I’m pretty sure you can do better.



So get ready, get registered, and then have fun at thwackCamp again this year!