In my last post, How To Right-Size Your VDI Environment, I gave some insight in how you can right-size your VDI environment and how to validate your VDI master template.

As VDI is gaining a bigger market share and SAN/NAS prices are dropping every year, there are also some problems on the horizon.

The benefits are often obvious and include, but are not limited to:


  • Central management for your entire desktop infrastructure, whether your end-users are located in the U.S. or in Europe.
  • Back and recover capabilities are endless since you can use build-in snapshots to take quick backups of your desktops and restore them within minutes and not hours or days.
  • Save money by reducing your carbon footprint and cut your costs for expensive workstations.
  • Easy and inexpensive way to migrate OS’s. You can easily deploy new desktops for your users with new Operating Systems.


With all the benefits of VDI, there are also some problems associated and you should be aware of them:


  • Not every Antivirus software is optimized for VDI desktops and often Antivirus scans & updates can cause severe performance impacts.
  • Windows license management becomes a nightmare, especially if you dynamically provision desktops.
  • Troubleshooting becomes more difficult since several components are involved which means you’ll often coordinate with other teams e.g. network admin, storage admin, VMware admin.
  • Not every storage solution is optimized or recommendable for VDI use cases. Just because you have a SAN sitting in your basement, doesn’t mean it will be a great solution for your VDI environment.  You should count ~10IOPS per active user.
  • Not all applications can be virtualized


This comprehensive list of benefits and disadvantages when choosing VDI, hopefully helps to you make a better decision as you and your company consider investing and expanding their VDI environment. If you have any questions regarding VDI benchmarking, things to consider or best practice, please post them in the comments below and I will make sure to address them quickly.