As of this past week it is the official 'beginning' of Summer here in North America.  That's pretty exciting, that means more people will be out of school, work, potentially going on vacation which are all very good, and of the same notion can be very bad.   What this means for you and me is;


Fewer people are watching the hen house, those few may be pent up and wanting to be outside! Yet of the same token, you have bored hackers who are looking to compromise our networks!

Okay, maybe this is true, and maybe it isn't, but here is one thing that is true!


... When was the last time you did some Spring Cleaning of your rulesets?  Gone through and validated that your Syslog, NTP, who knows policies are set correctly, communicating to the right places, so on and so forth?! Do we have scripts which help automate this?!



Share and share alike!


There is no better time than the present to go through and cleanup your rules but we shouldn't have to operate in a vacuum, we are community!


A few years ago, I wrote a few blogposts on VMware PowerCLI one-liners because they'd be useful

PowerCLI One-Liners to make your VMware environment rock out!

Using PowerCLI to dump your permission structure in vCenter


The one-liners are in both the post itself and then even more in the comments (which I had updated after the fact).   Not all of them are about security related matters, there's insight into setting your Syslog, NTP, and so much more.  But you guys I'm sure have something you find very useful, that you either wrote a script for once, or regularly run to make sure your environment hasn't changed.


If you have any of these to share, I bet I know some fellow Thwack users who would be ecstatic to use them!

So let's get into the Spring Cleaning spirit through the power of automation, or as I like to say, "Let's not do things more than once, for the first time!" Okay, I'm not sure I like to say it in that particular context... But I digress significantly.


If you have any particular scripts, things to check, one-liners or powerful life changing experiences to share, we all look forward to it!

Happy Summer everyone! Let's make it an awesome one!