Capturing lightning in a bottle seems apropos for achieving disruptive innovation. In fact, disrupting IT is a small price to pay if the business can make it happen. “It” doesn’t happen often, but when it does, new industries are created and new markets emerge to eclipse the old ones. Realistically, the value to the business shows up as more efficient IT ops, lower IT OPEX, and shorter app development cycles.


In part one of this series, I covered aspects of old & new IT management. Interestingly, new and old IT management are intertwined in their generational relationship. Old methods shape policies that construct the workflows that new methods use to manage the data center environments. But what really matters to the IT pro? At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the application.

So understanding the application stack in its entirety, with context around all of its connection with a single point of truth is paramount to successful IT management. Ideally, this single point of truth is where old and new IT management converges to.

The right IT management mix is a function of organizations aligning business operations with IT management to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of application delivery, while minimizing disruption to IT and downstream to the business. Unfortunately, politics and inertia have to be factored in and they tend to have critical mass in organization silos.

Is your organization converging to a single point of truth for your applications?