Happy Month of May everyone!

I wanted to talk to you about a larger topic in the realm of IT Security, Network Security, or the general purpose 'security' space as it were...

The image below was a slide I stole from myself (thanks me!) from a presentation I've delivered at some conferences over the past few months, titled, "Is your IT Department Practicing Security Theater"

You might remember a similarly titled post I did back in January "Are you Practicing Security Theater in IT"

And just like that post itself was not the panacea to solve all matters of security it certainly did inspire both the presentation I delivered as well as some of the points contained here.


So, let's discuss for a moment...


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.38.25 AM.png


What exactly is Checkbox vs Checkbook Security?


The way I was looking at it initially is most organizations, especially budget constrained or regulatory driven ones are faced with the delicate decision to 'check a box', whether the answer solves their problem or not.


An example of that is, organizations which are required to implement logging and monitoring solutions.   Often times they'll just get some run of the mill Syslog server, have it collect all of the data and then archive it. Someone will pretend to go and review the logs every now and then, and they can officially check the box saying WE HAVE LOGGING AND MONITORING!

While sure, they TECHNICALLY do, but do they really? Will they be able to provide a backtrack history should an event occur and correlate it? Perhaps.  Will they be able to detect something happening inflight and mitigate it? Yea, no. Does that make it right? It does not, but does it check the box technically? Absolutely 'sort of' depending upon the rules they're required to follow.


But what does that mean for you and I? I mean I checked the box within a reasonable budget, even if by merely checking the box it doesn't provide any real value to the organization, what is the long-term impact?

The rub there is exactly that...  A checkbox without efficacy will definitely require you to open your Checkbook later on, whether to really resolve the problem, or due to loss of business, money or otherwise.


That's why I broke this list down in this scenario as a series of the 'checkbox' vs the 'checkbook'.  It's not to say that by adopting something in the Checkbook column it will cost more than in the checkbox (Sometimes it MAY, but it doesn't have to)

It really comes down to figuring out a strategy that works best for you and your business.


But like all things not being a panacea this is also not an exhaustive list of 'vice versa' possibilities.  I'd love your insight into whether you agree with these approaches. Situations where you've seen this be effective (I love personal stories! I have a fair share of my own ) Also if there are other situations which aren't included in here which should be addressed.

Share the love, spread the knowledge, let's all be smarter together!


Great to be back Thwack Community!


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