Based on some of the responses from this last post, it is good to see that there are some that take backing up their network configurations serious. I would like to build on that last post and discuss some ideas around network configuration management, specifically solutions and automation to handle some of the tasks required. I see that several stated that they use Solarwinds NCM, which I personally do use in my environment. Solarwinds NCM is extremely easy to setup and configure to “save your bacon”, as one comment stated. NCM is a perfect example of a solution, which has the ability to track changes, roll back changes, reporting and auditing; as well as many other use cases of the product. There are also many open source products that I have used previously which include routerconfigs plugin for Cacti, simple TFTP jobs setup on each router/switch to backup nightly and numerous other solutions including rConfig which is another open source product that is a very solid solution. However, you may have the solution in place but how do you handle making sure that each and every network switch/router is in a consistent state? Or is configured to have nightly scheduled backups of their configs? Do you still do this manually? Or do you use automation tools such as Ansible, Chef or Puppet to stamp out configurations? I have personally began the journey of using Ansible to build playbooks to start stamping out configurations in a consistent manner as well as for creating dynamic configurations using templates. This is also another great way to start building a solution around the fact that when a network device fails, you have a solid way to start rebuilding a failed device from a somewhat consistent state. I would definitely still leverage a nightly backup to restore configurations which may have changed over time since deployment of an automation tool but hopefully as changes are made, your automation deployment configurations are also modified to reflect these changes.