In my previous post I wrote it seems that the consensus is what I would have expected on IP address management. I myself have experienced these same tedious tasks in regards to assigning IP addresses on the network; which I must say is VERY tedious. So how do we get around these tedious tasks to ensure consistency and a source of truth on the network? As a few comments mentioned; Infoblox, Windows 2012 IPAM management and as well Solarwinds IPAM module are possible solutions. I have personally used each of these except Infoblox. I have looked into the Infoblox solution and it seems to be pretty good however for the most part it is overkill in my opinion. I spent a good bit of time setting up and testing the Windows 2012 IPAM management but it was a bit complicated and cumbersome for the most part. Seemed to me it should be a little easier to setup and configure. But then again, maybe it was just a lack of configuration ease on my part. I have also setup and used the Solarwinds IPAM module and it is very solid and easy to setup and configure. Once you have your DNS/DHCP servers added as managed nodes into Solarwinds, discover them as DNS/DHCP servers; you can then head over to the IPAM module and start the integration pieces. You have the ability to create subnets and supernets; and then the IPAM module will auto discover via network scans and DNS/DHCP zone lookups and begin filling in the zone information. Now if you have the luxury of assigning IP addresses using DHCP then this is pretty easy to keep track of obviously. But if you still have to assign IP addresses statically then you can easily drill into the subnet within the IPAM module and find an available IP that has not already been assigned and assign and create your DNS name there. This will ensure that no one else tries to assign the same address to another device; assuming that everyone goes to the one single source of truth for assignments. This solution makes this tedious time consuming task much simpler and consistent. So I challenge you to at least give it a shot and see if one of these solutions does not make your IP address management much easier and free your time up for other tasks of the day.