We are down to the final two contenders in this year's bracket battle. Darth Vader and Loki are headed into the arena and once again, only you have the power to determine who will walk out. How will the Frost Giant fare against the Sith? Darth Vader prevailed over a wand, but can he handle a scepter?


We get the sense that many of you are resigned to the inevitable reality Darth Vader has this thing all wrapped up. Not so fast there my pretties...


For you Loki-philes there is plenty of time to gather your minions and get the voting going. Comment, tweet, post updates to facebook (#swbracketbattle; #evillaugh), recruit everyone you know to vote for your chosen leader. Not to leave the Imperial Troops out... but we figured Darth Vader already has y'all mobilized and marching forward.


Our official overlord will be announced on Monday. Vote today!