We are down to four... And, it is an interesting set of match-ups.


One could almost predict the final winner (but as those of you who watched this weekend's official Final Four... upsets happen. I might also point out to some of the other heavy hitters who have already gone down. And yes, I am bringing up old stuff... Moriarty over the The Master. SERIOUSLY? Just boggles the mind.)


We will say that we are BLOWN AWAY and so appreciative of everyone's participation in this year's bracket battle. It would appear that the topic hit a chord with a lot of folks. The passionate debates have been great to track and be a part of.


For those not yet up to your knees is villainous rankings, there is still time to get involved and vote on the Overlord to end all (and earn some thwack points).


Head on over to the bracket right NOW!  Catch up on the path to conquest for each Final Four contender. The sand is running through the hour glass as we speak.


Speak now, or forever hold your peace. The final showdown is on.


One last request... any suggestions for next year?