That is it folks, the Mischievous round is done. Once again, I am personally devastated that the Doctor Who representatives (The Master and the Daleks) did not make it beyond the first round. Thanks to those (looking in your direction sqlrockstar and for keeping the dream alive. Perhaps, we will take this as a powerful message. Next year, no Doctor Who. Humpf.


Who else avoided a first round elimination? Our official results will post shortly, but here is a recap of some of the most popular and hotly contested match ups. 

  • We thought that this match up would be closer by far, but the power of the Dark Side and a choke hold were too much for Voldemort's weak geek cred
  • Bahlkris thinks these two are a winning sitcom combination (dark sense of humor, indeed)... the pilot episode could be a rematch to determine who gets the bigger bedroom. In the meantime, this round goes to Khan over Hannibal
  • And Skeletor's Cinderella story continues, with a complete trouncing of Jaws.


So, we have a new set of match-ups, likely more random than before.


Voting in the Rotten round starts around 10 am CT today. We still need your help to determine the most infamous of the baddies.