Double double, toil and trouble… Something wicked this way comes. Our third annual Bracket Battle is upon us.


Mwuh huh huh huh ha!


On March 23, thirty-three infamous individuals begin the battle to rip worlds apart and crush each other until only one remains as the most despicable of all time. It’s VILLAINS time, people!


These head-to-head, villain-versus-villain matchups should once again spark controversy. Trust us… every year, we get something stirred up – whether is it the absence of someone, or the overrating of another. Y’all are a hard group to please!


We have included a wide range of our worst enemies, including cunning and depraved villains who have tried to rule Middle-earth, Castle Greyskull, Asgard, Springfield and beyond. Draw your weapons; it’s time to decide:


  • Demi-god or Immortal?
  • Lightsaber or Wand?
  • Clown Prince or Dr. Fava Bean?
  • The Dragon versus The Ring?


We came up with the field and decided where we would start, but the power is yours to decide who will be foiled again and which single scoundrel, in the end, will rule them all.


But, in a twist no one saw coming, we are changing things up this year.  We are setting up a little trap, ummm, no… giving you a PREVIEW of the bracket today, even though voting will not begin until Monday.


Dastardly plans (AKA Rules of Engagement) are outlined below…



  • For each combatant, we offer links to the best Wikipedia reference page by clicking on the NAME link in bracket
  • A breakdown of each match-up is available by clicking on the VOTE link.
  • Anyone can view the bracket and the match-up descriptions, but to comment and VOTE you must be a thwack member (and logged IN). 



  • Again, you have to be logged in to vote and debate… 
  • You may only vote ONCE for each match up
  • Once you vote on a match, click the link to return to the bracket and vote on the next match up in the series.
  • Each vote gets you 50 thwack points!  So, over the course of the entire battle you have the opportunity to rack up 1550 points.  Not too shabby…



  • Please feel free to campaign for your favorites and debate the merits of our match ups to your hearts content in the comments section and via twitter/Facebook/Google + etc. etc. etc.
  • We even have hashtags… #swbracketbattle and #EvilLaugh… to make it a little bit easier.
  • There will be a PDF version of the bracket available to facilitate debate with your hencemen.
  • And, if you want to post pics of your bracket predictions, we would love to see them on our Facebook page!



  • Bracket Release is TODAY
  • Every round voting will begin at 10 am CT
  • Play-in Battle OPENS March 23
  • The Mischievous round OPENS March 25
  • The Rotten round OPENS March 30
  • The Wicked round OPENS April 2
  • The Vile round OPENS April 6
  • The Diabolical Battle OPENS April 9
  • And, finally, the one true OVERLORD will be announced on APRIL 13


If you have other questions… feel free to drop them below and we will get right back with you!


So, which of these villains we love to hate can plot and scheme their way to the top of this despicable heap? Whose dastardly plans will rip apart worlds and crush humanity?


OK, we will stop our monologue and let you decide.