Users only call the HelpDesk with problems. Some of the issues, like password resets, are easy to resolve. Other issues can get very complex and then add into the mix the user not properly describing the issue they are having or exactly what the error message they see says. When helping a user with an issue, have you ever asked a user to click on something here or there and let you know what pops up on the screen? How long did you wait until you asked if anything different is on the screen and the user says that something was displayed several minutes ago?



I am a very visual person and I need to see the error or see how long it took for the error message to pop up. An error message that comes back right away could mean something completely different than if it took a few seconds; users cannot really convey that timing well. Years ago when I first started working in IT, I used a product called PCAnywhere that would let me remote control another machine. I could even do it remotely from home via dial up!



The ability to remotely see what is happening on a user’s machine makes a huge difference. Today I use a variety of these applications, depending on what my client will support, but they all have a large set of features beyond just remotely controlling the machine. Solarwinds DameWare lets you remotely reboot, start/stop processes, view logs, AD integration, and mobile remote control. Other than remote control of a machine, what other features do you use? Which features make it easier for you to troubleshoot issues from wherever you are?