If you haven’t heard already, SolarWinds’ Head Geeks are available for daily live chat, Monday-Thursday for the month of March at 1:00PM CT.  kong.yang, adatole, sqlrockstar and yes me too, will be online to help answer any questions you may have about products, best practices, or general IT.  Though unlikely, some chump stumpage may occur, so we’ll also have experts from support and dev to make sure we have the best answer for anything you can throw at us.  You’ll find us here http://thwack.com/officehours on the Office Hours event page in thwack.


My Question


Daily Office Hours is part of a thwack & Head Geek experiment to test new ways for the community to reach product experts.   I’m also testing a new tag line for our fortnightly web TV show, SolarWinds Lab http://lab.solarwinds.com, and would love your feedback before I rebuild the show header graphic.


What do you think of: What Will You Solve Next?


It means something specific to me, but I’d love to get your feedback before I say what I think it means.  Please leave some comments below.  Do you like it?  Is it the kind of thing we ask each other on thwack?  Is it something SolarWinds does/should ask?  Am I taking liberties with the tm?  After you all chime in and let me know what you think, I’ll reply with what I think it means.


Thanks as always, we hope to see you in March for Office Hours!