Admins across the internet are freaking out about the color of this router.  Is it BlueGreen or Greenish Blue?  Although the debate has raged in datacenters for years, reliable sources including Adobe have weighed in on the matter, and indicated the router is in fact supposed to be PANTONE 7477, however Cisco has never taken a firm stand on the matter, more recently giving up entirely and gone grey with new systems.


It's believed that a combination of aging fluorescent lighting and overwork tracing dark Ethernet affects the color sensitivity of network administrators, leading to the heated disagreement.  Coupled with the erosive effects of X-Rays from CRTs before the arrival of LCDs, fluctuations in caffeine levels and temporary frustration with a device may also affect IT pro color perception.


And for the record I saw the dress as #838CC3 and #5D4C32