Perusing through my virtualization blog feeds, a post from Amy Manley (@wyrdgirl) on her blog site, Virtual Chick, entitled "Solarwinds AppStack with SRM Flavor and More!" caught my attention. Amy is a fellow VMware vExpert and a certified virtualization unicorn. She was also a delegate at Virtualization Field Day 4, so imagine how awesome it was to find out that she wrote about SolarWinds AppStack, especially after our launch announcement.


Amy walks through what the AppStack consists of, which is Server & Application Monitor, Storage Resource Monitor, Virtualization Manager, and Web Performance Monitor. She also covers what I think will be most useful view for IT adminsthe AppStack view. And then, she summarizes AppStack perfectly by stating that it is "trying to make it easier to troubleshoot with all the information in one place" and "maps out the underlying dependencies and infrastructure to help bring about swift resolution." AppStack definitely puts the application front and center with all the contextual connections into the stack layers.


The part that I'm most ecstatic about was that our AppStack demo at VFD4 was memorable and worthy enough for Amy to write about it and share with her network