At VMware Partner Exchange 2015 in the Cisco booth with Lauren Friedman (@lauren) and Mike Columbus (@mec829) for an Engineers Unplugged session.

Engineers Unplugged is a Cisco production and has had many wonderful engineers enlighten and delight the audience with technical knowledge with a unicorn flair. At the VMware PEX 2015, I was given an opportunity to join the ranks of the “I Drew the Unicorn” on Engineers Unplugged.


My fellow white-boarding engineer was Mike Columbus, a Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer. Our topic was simple: the elusive IT Management Unicorn. What exactly is the IT Management Unicorn? Well it’s one-part monitoring, two-parts troubleshooting, three-parts reporting with a horn for more bacon. Trust me it will be EPIC.


Next, SolarWinds Head Geeks, patrick.hubbard  and adatole are teaming up with Lauren on something fantastic for Cisco Live 2015. It has so much software-defined networking goodness. The SolarWinds Head Geeks and Cisco Engineers Unplugged crew will make magic when you see us at Cisco Live 2015. Register for Cisco Live 2015. And follow Cisco Live news on Twitter with #CLUS.


Finally, two more reasons to attend Cisco Live 2015: