There’s no way to write a good opening sentence for this post.  Yesterday we lost Head Geek LGarvin, who passed away of natural causes at home.  He’ll be missed by more than all the admins he interacted with on thwack, the huge TechNet community he touched in a decade as a devoted Microsoft MVP, the Houston Rodeo and other organizations  where he volunteered, and of course most of all by his family.  I will miss my friend.


Lawrence taught me more about how to be a productive technical creative, wonderfully curmudgeonly yet optimistic when published, opinionated yet receptive in debate, and above all how to dig in when you’re right, than anyone I’ve met.  Yes he occasionally sent terrifically long emails, but they were always worth the read, each word with a purpose.  The Exchange server won’t miss them, but the Geek team certainly will.


The next SolarWinds Lab will be his last (taped) appearance, and the prospect of his first absence from live chat is difficult to imagine.  However, the video team is putting together a tribute and we’ll get the whole gang together for signoff, so if you’re a fan of Lawrence you’ll want to be there.  I found a couple of fun Lab promos today and linked them below, as well as our first episode when it was just the two of us trying to figure out what the heck we were doing.


Larry, you’ll live on in thousands of posts on admin communities all over the world, your articles and among your friends here.  Thanks for spending this time with us.




Classic YouTube Lawrence: