We’ve all had that situation where a member of your Web Apps team complains that an Intranet based site is slow or an important manager says that they can use the internal expenses system hosted on a web server but what does everyone tend to do in these situations. I’d say that most of us would open our monitoring tool of choice and look at some website perfmon stats of some response time stats from a tool that can fetch this but sometimes these tools do not give us the user experience.


If you have a widely dispersed company and have employees sitting in other parts of the world accessing an internal site hosted in the UK, how do we know one person’s performance from another and conceptually measure the differences ?


I’d like you to think about these scenarios and let me know how you approach the reactive situations. I would also like to know if any of you are proactively measuring website performance and user experience and how you are doing this ?


Indeed, some of you maybe using Solarwinds products to do this but nevertheless I’d like to know what software you use and whether it has proven successful at your companies.


If you don’t bother to monitor performance, speeds and feeds of your intranet or internet website then I’d like to know why not ?


Don’t be shy and get those comments in.