Microsoft is preparing to showcase Windows 10: The Next Chapter this week. VMware is running an online launch event during the week of February 2nd, which happens to coincide with VMware Partner Exchange 2015. What does this mean for IT pros? In the near term, probably not much beyond understanding and testing out new features in controlled environments. Longer term, it means that IT pros will have to decide on if and when they upgrade their current environments to the latest releases.


Microsoft Windows 10VMware Partner Exchange 2015


What are your thoughts and expectations of Microsoft Windows 10 announcement and VMware vSphere’s Big Launch announcement? How will these product launches affect your IT administration mindset especially around monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting? Please share your point-of-view in the comments below.


The Microsoft Windows 10 event can be viewed on January 21st at 11AM CST here: Windows 10.

Register for the VMware Big Online Launch event on February 2nd at 3-4PM CST here: VMware Online Launch Event.