This year and the previous, we have heard from various cloud providers that 2015 could be the year to take on a Hybrid Cloud approach in your organisation. With all that being said, we know that Cloud models exist in many guises and the various models exist to offer organisations a variety a choice in their deployment methodology. Stretching out workloads to the Cloud offers varying security considerations as well as understanding of the SLA’s in order to provide your business with the reassurance that production workloads are available.


I’m thinking that most shops are using Hybrid for Test / Dev initially but I’d love to hear how you are using it in your organisation or what investigations you have kicked off to see if this model can benefit your company.


What would you need to do in order to convince the executives in your company that Hybrid Cloud could be a good fit for your organisation ? I can see that the value from the developer community is a high one and to burst workloads into a cloud could be attractive when you have limited resources available but are you faced with red tape when it comes to deployment ?


If your business is an International business do you find that you are having more challenges in order to start to seek hybrid cloud opportunities ?


Finally, for those of you that are actively using a hybrid cloud setup, let me ask you this. Do you feel that your management has enough understanding of the topology and the implications of disasters to a single or multiple servers ?