I’m a huge fan of AWS. Not that AWS (Amazon Web Services), even though I do like that AWS and it exemplifies this AWS. This AWS is all about agility, web-scale, and simplicity. These are core tenets of IT transformation, also known as the Consumerization of IT. To keep up with this AWS and that AWS, IT admins need to continually learn and re-learn new technologies and skills. Say hello to complexities!


So how does one manage these ever-changing complexities while continuing to grow their IT career? The answer is quite simple – tools. IT tools are the bridge between technologies, skills, and utility to the business. Delivering a successful business ops utility will allow IT admins to enjoy a long and rewarding career. So, tools become integral to an IT pro’s career outlay.


Ideally, the tool would be simple and intuitive to deploy and use, but it would also be powerful enough to be used by an IT pro as they scale and grow their career. For instance, virtualization admins may have a tool that they use to monitor their VMware vSphere environment and another to monitor their Microsoft Hyper-V environment. What if there was one tool that monitored both? Next, when something breaks in their virtualized IT environment, virtualization admins may have different tools to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Again, what if there was one tool that has alerting capabilities with drill-down and guided remediation capabilities? Finally, virtualization admins probably use spreadsheets, documents, and slide decks to report status in support of both IT and business ops. What if there was one tool that has reporting capabilities from the deepest technical details to the most holistic summary? What if I told you that there is one tool that does all of these things for virtualization admins?


Join me and Chris Paap as we cover Virtualization Manager - The One Tool for virtualization admins to hone and own your IT skills. We will provide practical examples of monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting so that you can become the Master of your Virtualized Universe!


Webcast: Three skills to become the Master of your Virtualized Universe

Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST
3 Skills to Become the Master of Your Virtualized Universe