The Top Ten IT Pro-Dictions

The SolarWinds High Council of Head Geeks has gathered their sage and eternally savvy wisdom. You would be wise to heed their words

~ Knowstradamus

SolarWinds 2015 Head Geek Predictions

As 2014 comes to a close and 2015 begins, SolarWinds tapped its band of experts – the Head Geeks – to take a look inside their crystal balls and provide a glimpse into IT trends to watch for this year.

To complement the IT predictions from the Head Geeks, we’d like you to share your view of each (50 thwack points will be awarded for replies!). And don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and suggest a “paranoid perspective” for 2015 – Will networks become so complex that they are nearly impossible to manage? Security vulnerabilities so vast that all companies will experience at least one? Will the hybrid cloud transition create more headaches than benefits? Will business end users stage a revolt? Be sure to @mention each geek to continue the conversation with them about their predictions. Here are each of their thwack handles:

Kong Yang - @kong.yang

Lawrence Garvin – @LGarvin

Patrick Hubbard - @patrick.hubbard

Leon Adato - @adatole

Thomas LaRock - @sqlrockstar

Throughout the year, we plan to revisit these predictions and see how are becoming a reality, or instead, how many are turning out to be a completely paranoid fantasy.