If you have been troubleshooting networks for any length of time (or hanging out on the SolarWinds Thwack GeekSpeak forum) it should be obvious that packet inspection is a technique well worth learning. The depth of insight which packet capture tools like WireShark provide is hard to understate.


It's also hard to learn how to do.


(although galactic props to glenkemp for walking through some implementation basics recently on GeekSpeak.


But unless you have a specific use case, or there's a crisis and your boss is breathing down your neck, it's not easy to find the motivation to actually PERFORM a packet capture and analyze the results. Finding the right data sources, identifying the protocol and port, and calculating the time-to-first-bye or TCP-Three-Way-handshake are - for all but the geekiest of the geeks - simply not something we do for kicks and giggles.


That was the driving motivation for us to include Deep Packet Inspection in our latest version of SolarWinds NPM. But even though NPM 11 does a lot of the heavy lifting, as an IT Pro you still need to know what you are looking at and why you would look there versus any of the other amazing data displays in the tool.


Which is why we have created the FREE email course on Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience monitoring. Detailed lessons will explain not only HOW to perform various tasks, but WHY you should do them. Lessons are self-contained - no cliffhangers or "please sign up for our next course to find out more", and broken down into manageable amounts so you aren't overwhelmed. Finally, delivery to your inbox means you don't have to remember to go to some website and open a course, and you can work on each lesson at your pace and on your schedule.


Monitoring tools have advanced past ping and simple SNMP and can now perform packet inspection. Shouldn't you?


Use this link to find out more and sign up: DPI Online Course & Study Group