flow_charts.pngNow that the IT team has established a help desk and have SLAs defined for various requests and workflows, it was time to get proactive. Perhaps using the data stored in the help desk could further build a sort of analytics engine for making better decisions? This idea came from one of the IT team members, as he saw certain trends that none of us really could.


For example:

  • Which activities are the most frequent, or the most time consuming, and is there a correlation?
  • Could we find ways to proactively automate a number of frequently occurring requests, such as password resets?
  • Was there a way to extrapolate our hardware replacement rates to build a reasonably accurate forecast for next quarter (or next year) budget numbers?


It turned out that a number of workflows could be created to solve / remediate requests, with our help desk system acting as the front end interface. Password requests ended up being the most common, and so we assigned non-IT supervisor staff the ability to issue time sensitive password resets for their pods (their teams) once per day. The resets were still audited to ensure no funny business took place, but alleviated a fair bit of pain as a call staff member would forget his or her password right as they were about to begin their shift. Interestingly enough, we found out that many employees were getting by this by sharing a password or requiring a supervisor override the login for our VoIP system. As such, our delegation of password resets closed this loop and gave us further visibility into the problem.


What sort of workflows have you built, or wish you could build, around the help desk system in place? How would you use workflows to offload some of the "manual, heavy lifting" off you or your team?