In the fifteen plus years that I have in worked in information technology organizations, there has been a lot of change. From Unix to Linux, the evolution of Windows based operating systems, and the move to virtualized servers which led to the advent of cloud computing, it’s been a time of massive change. One of the major changes I’ve seen take place is the arrival of big data solutions.


There are couple of reasons why this change happened (in my opinion) at very large scale, relational database licensing is REALLY expensive. Additionally, as much as IT managers like to proclaim that storage is cheap—enterprise class storage is still very expensive. Most of the companies that initiated the movement to systems such as Hadoop and its ecosystem, were startups where capital was low, and programming talent was abundant, so have to do additional work to make a system work better was a non-issue.


So like any of the other sea changes that you have seen in industry, you will have to adjust your skills and career focus to align to these new technologies. If you are working on a Linux platform, your skills will likely transfer a little easier than from a Windows platform, but systems are still systems. What are you doing to match your skillset to the changing world of data?