A recap of the previous month’s notable tech news items, blog posts, white papers, video, events, etc. - For the week ending Tuesday, Sep 30th, 2014.



Did VMware dismiss physical networking?

This week, analysts discuss the future of physical networking, the networking benefits midmarket companies enjoy and security challenges fueled by cloud and mobility applications.


Emerging challenges of maintaining content security

Content security in particular faces novel challenges as mobility and Web2.0 applications make web traffic volumes highly unpredictable, with massive spikes and troughs from one moment to the next.


PEAK IPV4? Global IPv6 traffic is growing, DDoS dying, says Akamai

First time the cache network has seen drop in use of 32-bit-wide IP addresses. Broadband and IPv6 are hot – and distributed denial-of-service attacks and IPv4 are not. Well, that's according to Akamai.


Why Deep Packet Inspection still matters

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a technology that should offer much more weight than SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection).


IPv6 connectivity up; enterprises begin to take note

The 2014 North American IPv6 Summit showcased the growth of the protocol and shed some light on what enterprises are doing to (finally) adopt it.


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IPv6 Migration: 10 Reasons To Get Moving

You can't afford to put off that IPv6 transition any longer. Here are 10 ways migrating to the updated protocol will benefit your enterprise.


Aggregation in IPv6 routing curbs effects of Internet growth

IPv6 addresses are four times larger than those based on IPv4, but experts say that doesn't mean IPv6 will slow down routers. In fact, IPv6 routing makes route aggregation simpler, which leads to smaller routing tables.


Network timing: Everything you need to know about NTP

As more applications use IP networks, reliable distribution of authoritative timing information is becoming critical.


IoT Makes You Administrator Of Things

You may not realize it, but it's likely you're already supporting and managing "Internet of Things" devices on your corporate network. Here's a reality check.


Supporting IoT devices requires careful WLAN design

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become defined by the perennial refrigerator that orders more milk when you run out. But in this Q&A, one networking pro explains its role in the enterprise and the issues with designing a WLAN to support IoT devices.


The Hybrid WAN requires a new approach to network optimization

Now that the WAN is finally evolving, I think it’s time to take a look at the infrastructure that’s used to optimize it.


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Using Social Media to Connect with Your Customers - Communicate more openly and often with customers.


10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing a BYOD Program - People naturally gravitate toward devices they know how to use well in order to get a task completed.